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July 6, 2009

“Mainu Amrikka Jaana Hai”……

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Long live the American Dream! Never thought that’d I’d dream one, too!!! And before I knew it, here I am, with loads and loads of GRE preparation materials opened in front of me, and I, sitting amidst them, trying to cram 3500 “unspeakable” English words in a span of 2 months!! Now, I have absolutely no answers for the why’s and how’s, but all I know is that, on 9th September, I am gonna appear for my Graduate Record Examination. Audacious, huh? (Ahh….peeps, I knew that word even before I started preparing for the verbals!! So those of u who are stickin ur tongues out at me, kindly pull it in! 😛 :P).

Well, I have never been enticed by the glam-sham of America….yeah, sham it is!! Even though my family’s been showing a long lineage of migratory behavior, somehow, i could never bring myself to even think of doing it!! It isn’t that am a die-hard patriotic or something, it’s just that, I always berated myself, and thought i could never make it. And since, failure has always frightened me, i was happily dwelling in this cocoon that i’d spun around myself, making myself believe that am not worth it, at all! Until… fine day, precisely, the 1st of July, 2009, when i had this epiphany that i must, MUST and MUST write my GRE! I actually heard Uncle Sam callin me! How freaking is that!!! Whatever, i let this feeling flow in me, wash me with its strength, and when it finally sunk in, i started working like a maniac, gathering information, collecting study materials from anywhere and everywhere possible…! Kewl, huh?

I am looking at MS in IS ( information systems). Partly cuz it is NOT related to electrical, partly cuz it is 70% management! Yaayy! Implies, i’ll be making a lot of money, by the end of a year!! Yaaayy yaay!! Are u listening, ***(it is NOT an expletive, it is the MNC, which recruited, SCREWED  me), u can kiss my arse! But, as everyone knows, every good thing in this world doesn’t come without a package! Preparation for GRE is a huge job in itself. Not that it’s tough or something, it’s just that, it sometimes wears you down with its sheer stupidity . Memorizing a list of words which you might never use in your later life is such a pain in the ass. And the quants! The mention of it makes me yawn. I mean, it takes you back to your middle school. Thank God, i payed attention in Verma Sir’s classes back then, else i’d be totally in a soup now.

My actual exam is 2 months away, so the chills haven’t set in yet. I really hope and wish that i crack the exam with awesome marks, cuz i’d be needing it desperately! The course that i wanna do doesn’t give any funding!! My exceptionally high GRE marks will alone fetch me a decently paying internship!!!! So peeps, DO WISH ME!!!


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