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Heavenly moments in The Hell…. Part 1

Am not dead, and am not a wandering soul. Hell, refers to my college. And heaven refers to the good memories from coll life, which, though handful, are etched in my heart forever. This page here, is dedicated to all those fun moments and people who made my life worthwhile at college.

Enter 20th Aug, 2004. The first ever day of my college life. It was a melange of emotions that day. Not homesickness, though. Things like, how will it be, will I get good friends, how will my life get channelized here….stuffs like that. Dad left me all to myself, and I was Independent. In all senses. My room, G-2 was the only one which showed no signs of morose or forebearings. Hari, Nivi, RJ, Deepa and I struck a common chord immediately, and become totally inseparable. We used to sit late into the nights and talk. And before any of us realized, we had gelled together perfectly. We drew our seniors’ attention, and our room became their haven. It was fun all through the first sem. We had our share of misunderstandings as well. Then, somehow, the wonderful became good, good tended to ok, and in a couple of months’ time, our relationship went to the rocks. It all happened right in front of our noses, and none of us realized. But yeah, Hari became much closer to my heart, and Nivi, to Deepa’s. Somehow, these bonds sailed us through the 1st year. Academics was ok, I sucked at ED. Hari used to sit into the night and complete my sheets as well, while I allowed myself to be drifted into blissful sleep. Well, I must mention that I did score 89% in my ED finals, which is a wonder in itself cuz my ED class attendance tended towards zero. Whatever. Enter second sem, and two people made an entry in my life, and I was never the same. Raghav and Ramya. Before long, the four of us, i.e, Raghav, Ramya, Hari and Shaam, became the best buddies ever. I loved their company, still do, and we did all kindsa whacky things. Broke all the rules that Mepco ever made. And enjoyed every moment of it. Meanwhile, other developments took place parallelly. Four of us got inducted in different clubs. Meetings, events, symposium, life started taking a busy course. Academics, as expected, started taking a back seat. But you know, I never cared. I was enjoying my life completely, basking in the glory of the busy life, and the wonderful friends that I’d got.

So, year 1 passed by, without much of accomplishments from our side. Yeah, did win a couple of prizes, but that’s all. We had started making our mark in the college. Had a wonderful rapport with our seniors. Mingled very well with super seniors as well. People like Siyamala Akka, Adi, Ranjith, etc became good friends. And the first year, just flew by. Oh yeah, by this time, I’d entered my department. Trust me, I loathed it. Completely hated it. Found myself amidst a group of 67, where I was a misfit, in all senses. I did not take a single step to improve my relationship with any of them. For me, only the 3 of ’em existed. So, that was it……….no friends in EEE dept for me!

2004 went by, and most of 2005 did. And finally, we became the seniors. Hehehe…nothing big in it, cuz ragging is totally prohibited in our coll. Day 1 of the juniors’  arrival is a fete in itself. There is a war of clubs, a race against each other to get as many students as possi enrolled! Yeah, and tryin to rope in junies for our clubs. Second year completely went off in symposia and events. My health suffered badly in the third sem, was hospitalized and all. And so did my acads. Third sem was my lowest ever score. But yeah, I hardly cared. 😛 . My relationship with my classmates showed no signs of improvement. I was totally alien to them, not participating in the class, and after class activities also. I was happy with the small island of friends that I had. The four of us, had become the 11 of us now. 7 new entrants were the junies, who were outcasts just like us. We had a splendid time together, broke even more rules. Cooking in the hostel, bday parties, dinner parties, sneaking out to others’ places, EVERY DAMN THING. Life was fun. And yeah, I did make new friends- vishaul, brado, kamz, deepak saagar, akshay, mostly seniors I knew from various clubs.

Now, from then on, life was monotonous. I was completely dedicated to my clubs. And we did start going to other colleges for competitions. That is when Festember 06 happened. And along with it, happened, “The glorious death of Caeser”. This marked the beginning, and end of my stage career. Hehehe…NIT,T gave such rave reviews of our play. Verbatim, “Schlenkians have this knack to turn the most tragic story into the most comic one!”. ahemm ahemm.. So, that was it. Prizes were won, accolades were was good! Finally, 2nd year got over too, and we came to the penultimate year of our engineering degree. Third year brought along with it, a demonoid. I got an arrear in one subject, which gave me a huge kick in the gut. Though i cleared it in reval, it put things in perspective. I started showing a bit more sincerity towards my acads. The ice wall between my classmates and me thawed, and I started mingling with, most of them. we went for the class tour and all. Soon after, the placement fever spread high, and we were all starting to get tensed about it. Preparations were rather paced up. Come placements, and our batch did wonderfully well. We created a record, with over 94% of the students getting placed. The hellhole gave us all one good thing – a secure job in hand.

Final year was the most memorable. It was a “free” year. Not much of classes. Most of the time was spent in labs, chatting away with my classmates, or in the audis, preparing for any and every symp that came up. We were the final years, the flag bearers of the college. Our batch did something unheard of, in Mepco’s history. We did  a strike, a successful one, too. Was totally awesome!!! We got what we stood for! All the broken bonds were rejoined. People had started confessing their love for each other, some people got married, too. All in all, the final year came and brought with it, some cherished memories. We, the Fuseblowers went for a party on our last day of college. We bade farewell to our college life on 4th April’08 and got ready to take the world, with our heads held high!! We became the beacons of our country, the future citizens of India.  These were my four years in coll, in a nutshell………


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