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November 17, 2009


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I remember May 21st, 2009 very distinctly……I woke up at 2 in the morning (night for many) to check out the most coveted mail that was ever to hit my inbox. THE DOJ MAIL………..My company chose the most unholy hour to despatch the mail. With flutters in my stomach (which had nothing to do with the humongously large pizza that I had the previous day!!) I opened my yahoo mail…….and Lo! There it was…..sitting smugly between two more mails. Honestly, that was one day I thought I really suffered from nervous disorder, cuz my hands were shaking with excitement! I opened the mail, checked the date and left it at it. I mean I was so sure that I’d get Chennai as my location, that I never cared to check the location column in the mail. I got the shock at 9 AM, when I decided to peruse through the mail again! The location column screamed “HYDERABAD” on my face……I didn’t know if I must laugh or cry or be happy or whatever…

 Come September, and expectations were on the high. Everyone around me was able to figure out that I was positively beaming. I came to Hyderabad on the 24th of September, and had to appear for my TOEFL test( spelt plan B) on the 26th. After the successful completion of the test(by the time I reached the centre, I’d seen half of Hyderabad!!!), I set out on the Mission Accommodation. 26th proved fruitless in this regard. But on 27th, the veracity of the maxim “Patience bears sweet fruits” was proven true to me. We fixed up an awesome hostel, which has come to be our haven now at the city of Nizams! By the way, the “we” here refers to my family here at Hyderabad…….. Tension Suja, and Muthu.

The thing about Hyderabad is, it is this beautiful place and you blend in its colours immediately. In my stay of over 1.5 months here, there has not been a single moment that I’ve felt alien in this place. I will bank on my audacity and pitch in the fact that I’ve not missed Madras even for a single day.

29th September came, and that was when I came to terms with the fact that I am now a part of a global culture….I am an employee of the world’s leading MNC(no disclaimers here, peeps….Accept the facts as they are!!). It gave me a high, incomparable to any pleasures in this world. Financial independence is a state that I’d been waiting to be in right from my final year of Undergraduate Studies. The wait of over 1.5 years really drove me over the wall. When the D-Day finally came, I felt like I was on the top of the world. People around me were cribbing about many things, like zero co-ordination, form filling, et al. Nothing, absolutely nothing could put me off. I was living my Passion…And since then, there has been no looking back! It’s been an awesome, AWESOME journey so far. I’ve grossed my first salary (and spent it too). Life can’t be any better…..Good job, good friends, good money, awesome place…good health to enjoy all this…What more can I want from my life!?! LIFE’S  REALLY  GOOD!! Am living life KingSize…..


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