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July 19, 2009


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You know what a killjoy is? Ever heard the word disappointment? No? Ok then, go to the theatre and get tickets for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince ; you’d be in for a treat in disappointment!! My God! I mean, it’s been ages since I’ve felt so let down…I hate you David Yates, for spoiling my entire week! I’d been looking forward to the movie right from the day I saw the trailor, in the month of March. Never knew back then, that it was all in vain! 😦 😦

Ok, reading back, I think I’ve been a tad bit over-emotional and all. But again, I think I deserved much more than what I got. Two words- it sucks! They’ve molested the story completely…….!! Sheesh! this was the worst one in the HP series. I mean, where did the Hogwarts war go? Where were Bill, Fleur and Rufus Scrimmegeour? For God’s sake, when in the book did the Burrow get burnt??? A complete disappointment! Hell, when Dumbledore died, I cried…Harry didn’t even look shocked, leave alone sad! You might as well assume that he was unperturbed by his death! What the F…. The movie can pass on as a joke…J K Rowling would be mad at the poor celluloid rendition of the wonderful epic she created! And yeah, for Christ’s sake, Dumbledore was supposed to collect Harry from Dursleys’ place, not from some random station in London. Love was not as fiery as it was in the book! I mean, Harry and Ginny could pass on easily as strangers! Some sparks could’ve been shown..Pooh! Nothing!

On the brighter side, Hermione looks absolutely ravishing. Humor’s kinda nice in the first half, but Harry does make a fool of himself after drinking Felix potion. Ron’s his usual brilliant self. But the man who steals the show is none other than Severus Snape! Awesome performance. I mean, though you know that he’s the good guy and all, you can’t avoid hating him for what he is in this movie-that is the result of the sheer brilliance of his acting! Fenrir Greyback could’ve been more frightening, but his costume was appealing (heard it was Goat’s hair that they’d put on him). Draco is….I’d say, unattached to the movie. I mean, had I been set on an do-or-die mission by someone as frightening as Voldemort, I’d show more remorse and fear.

David Yates, mark my words, I’ll never forgive you if you screw up HP-7. It is my favorite amongst the series, and I’d expect it to be treated with justice. For Chrissake, did you even read the book once, before deciding to direct it? Didn’t your kids hate you for destroying the script????? Again, too much surge of emotions, but then am helpless guys! Am seething with anger now… 😦

In all…this gets 4.5 on 10. I hate doing this, but the fact remains that this movie deserves no more. Period.



  1. Thank God u revealed abt the film..even I was planning to go the next week r cancelled:)

    Comment by Benny — July 19, 2009 @ 12:04 pm

  2. and tats why i watch movies from torrents, no disappontments..
    all hail piracy.. 😀

    Comment by Subash — July 19, 2009 @ 2:55 pm

    • hahaha
      that’s good! so you got to see the movie as yet???

      Comment by Shyamala N. — July 21, 2009 @ 12:38 pm

  3. yup! i didn’t read the book. But even I felt d same.
    Hope, next and last one which is coming as 2 parts ll cover everything 🙂

    Comment by Balaji — August 9, 2009 @ 8:25 am

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