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June 22, 2009

MY Podcast!

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more about “JAI HO“, posted with vodpod
do listen and enjoy this………..this is a much better rendition of the original!!! ARR rocks! Nicole’s fantabulous!!!


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1. find, fall in love  with and  marry “The One” for me…..

2. do MBA from one of the best B-schools.

3. visit US of A.

4. own a Chevy.

5. come on news for something big.

6. learn swimming.

7. do bungee jumping, canoeing, scuba diving, white water rafting and paragliding. Yeah, sky-diving too…

8. adopt a girl child.

9. own a rotweiller.

10. become a teacher, once in my life-time.

11. start a company of my own.

12. become popular, atleast nation-wide.

13. get tipsy, and be taken back home by “The One”.

14. visit Mansarovar.

15. get rid of my fear of heights.

16. learn French, Spanish and Malayalam.

17. own an iPod 3GS.

18. open an orphanage.

19. make euthanasia legal.

20. do freelance journalism.

21. visit all the seven wonders.

22. have Hari as my best friend always.

23. “be at two places at once, witness a miracle”

24. be a good friend, to anyone who needs me.

Bas itna sa khwaab hai………….! Some whims and fancies which I have always had in my life. These are my driving forces, and I am gonna make sure that ALL of these wishes come true. Nope, I don’t need a genie in a bottle, or a talking frog-prince to fulfil these desires. I just need to be myself, with head held high, and loads of grit and determination. Things will work their ways out, themselves!!!

Live Life Kingsize!!!

June 10, 2009

Definition of “HMMMM”

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Someone gave me this definition of “hmmm” when I used it, while chatting with that person!

“hmmm -: a word, which is uttered when u passively agree/listen to a opinion/statement . Your agreement through a hmmm doesnt make a shit of a difference to you(the hmmist) or the person who hears the hmm(the hmmee).”

So true…

Love actually…

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Like dust 
Rising in whorls 
To an iridescent sky 
My words reach your lips 
Seeking refuge in 
A beloved’s smile. 
You drink from them, 
Your thirst satisfied. 

Softly the darkness shrouds 
Trampling twigs and leaves 
That you fondly buried 
In your diary of poetry 
And good deeds.

I am wondering, 
Still musing 
When you gently knock me, 
Are you drowned in my eyes?” 
I emit a coy laugh – 
Wish I wasn’t 
Carrying the burden 
Of being wise. 
You choose silence then,


Throwing in a glance or two,

Knotting this heart in multitudes

And I sit here 
Untying each knot 
Into a poem for you.
I don’t know why I came up with this. The transient feeling, which I mistook to be an emotion as pious and pure as love, gave me the inspiration to write this. The feeling’s long gone, and am void now. It’s a void which needs to be filled, not covered. It’s an abyss of dismal singularity whose depth is still unknown and un-gauged!

Life always has a plan for each one of us. The plan is not revealed to us, until the last moment. Am not complaining, because it is this factor of mystery which makes life interesting!

Jiyo bindass!!! 🙂

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