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September 2, 2008

PARADISE LOST AND FOUND….my trip to Korba!!

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        The seed was sown when I saw the pictures in the album of my classmate. A few of them had visited the school recently and had taken lots of pictures of their sojourn to school. The nostalgia bug bit me, and bit me very hard. From then on, there wasn’t a day that’d pass without me charting out a plan to visit Korba and my alma mater- DPS, KORBA. Somehow things wouldn’t just get set right. There was always some obstacle or the other. Finally, one day, luck shone bright on me. Sreekala ma’am was to come to Delhi for a programme. She decided to take me along with her while returning. Bingo! Suddenly, everything became just right. That marked the beginning of a very close-to-heart trip.

        We reached Champa at around 1:00 pm. All through the car ride to ma’am’s place, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. Trust me, I could savour even the fragrance of my earliest memories of the place. It was a total, out-of-the-world experience. I could see so many familiar faces on day 1, some of them being my old teachers. Day 2 was the best all through my stay. I was going to visit the school I loved so dearly!!! Right from the morning, I was envisioning how it’d be, to walk on the corridors which have seen so much of me, the most of me. I drove to school (yes, ma’am was too generous and entrusted her car with me. Love u ma’am!) at around 11.15 am. It was so difficult to keep my hands shaking with excitement! The smile seemed to have glued to my face permanently. I was all but running to the staff room, where I was sure that I’d meet most of my teachers. Trust me, it is absolute bliss to see the huge acknowledging smile on the faces which you’ve revered so much. With each teacher I have so many memories attached. I was reliving each of them vividly. You know what, teachers are the ones who make you the person you are. I owe my persona completely to the teachers of this wonderful institution. What upset me was that there were so many great teachers during my times at school, but most of them have left now. I guess the present students are missing a lot, without the likes of Renu ma’am, Bama ma’am, etc. in the school. Guess my luck was way too good!!!

We might have achieved so much in our post-school lives, but I believe that we definitely must show our gratitude towards our makers. Our teachers have nurtured us right from the beginning. We must not deprive them of the pleasure of feeling proud of their hard work, and the success of making a worthy human being. It is more or less like the gardener who has planted saplings….his joys knows no bounds when he sees the fruit laden trees after a decade. We are our teachers’ investments of hard work and commitments.  

I met most of my teachers there. It was awesome. Their unending trust in us drives us all the more towards excellence. And yeah!! I could not hold myself from sitting in one of the classrooms. It was a total emotional boost up for me. I could give anything in return for a day in the classrooms, with some of my favourite teachers taking classes for me. Guess some things can never know the realms of reality; they are conceived in the thoughts, get nurtured there, and end there as well.

           The next day found me taking a walk on the streets of the township, the streets that I used to tread on so often. Somehow or the other, every little thing there has some memories attached to it. It was difficult for me to stop those small memory bubbles plopping in my head so often. I walked to the place which was my HOME for 12 long years. That house has seen my laughter, tears. It still resounds of the giggles that my sister and I used to share. The grass still gives out the fresh aroma of wet earth, after a splendid shower in which I used to love getting drenched with my friends. Tears started flowing all by themselves, and I made no efforts to stop them. Sometimes words seem so oblique; silence and tears surmise all our deepest feelings. Whew! It was a beautiful feeling that I experienced then, standing there in front of the heavenly abode, D-22, Krishna Vihar. Hmmm….all I have to say is, “I walked on lonely streets, on the boulevard of broken dreams!” I met my old neighbours, close friends of ours.

          Day 5, and the painfully last day of the wonderful stay, saw me driving to one of my oldest teacher’s place. It was more of a courtesy visit, because I hadn’t met her before leaving Korba. She lives alone now, and I could succeed in giving her company for 2 hours. That evening, Rashmi, one of my friends, dropped in and together we made a trip to Kavita ma’am’s place. Now, Kavita ma’am is more of a friend to me than a teacher. She is one of those few people with whom I could entrust my life. I have very fond memories of her. It was lovely to meet her after such a long time. And the day ended with a wonderful dinner at Hotel Green Park with Rashmi, Moumita and Achu. We kept up with some old traditions 😉 !!! Solemn promises, formal handshakes, informal departing hugs, we did all of them!!!

          Now comes the best part about my stay…! It isn’t about a place, it is all about the pesrson with whom I stayed. Yep! I stayed with Sreekala Ma’am. There were many raises eyebrows when I mentioned that I was going to stay with my teacher. But to all those people who scoffed at me, I answered with a sympathetic smile….they did not have a person as wonderful as her in their lives. I stayed with a person whom I love a lot, who is probably the closest to my heart from Korba. This trip helped me in understanding ma’am all the more, and I my love and admiration for her increased manifolds. I can claim unabashedly now that I love her in her totality. Ma’am. I am, because you are!!! And yes, here, in this trip, I got a younger brother, something which I’ve always yearned for. Achu is a total bundle of joy. You know what, of all human beings, only children know how to love selflessly and unconditionally. In Achu, I found a person who accepted me totally the way I am. For him, all that mattered was my company. Seriously, if the whole world could start loving as a child does, it would become a better place to live in! Aaahhh…forgot to mention who Achu is…he is Sreekala Ma’am’s 8 year old son!

         I guess even the railway department did not want me to leave so soon…..the train for the return journey was delayed by 3 hours. The 5 hours that I spent in the station was full of fond memories of the past 6 days. It was all in all a wonderful trip. It was raining hard in the Champa station, and all I could feel was a mélange of emotions going through me. The feeling of loving and being loved, good memories lingering in my thoughts, the aroma of wet earth and the soft sprays of rain did wonders to me. And, as ma’am put it, there was downpour outside me and within me too!!! Nature complemented the mood….it was the pious shower which washes away all the negativities and makes you an altogether new person!!!





  1. very honest and touching memoir to ur paradise!
    its a simple illustration of ur own goodness!

    Comment by sreekala! — September 2, 2008 @ 3:02 pm

  2. felt as if u wrote of mine. u r an exceptional writer. relived rreading it. j.rajan, passout dps korba

    Comment by j rajan — November 4, 2008 @ 3:28 pm

  3. sema write up…

    Comment by Muthu — April 10, 2009 @ 8:15 am

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