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July 25, 2008


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The other day, I was watching a movie, “Bruce Almighty”, starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman. What started as a laughter riot, slowly took a very profound turn. The story is about a news reporter, who can’t handle his life well. He is treated as a doormat, and this, he deifinitely cannot take in his stride. He is so frustrated that he starts rebuking God for all his failures, he makes statements like God is incapable and has no powers. And Pooh! How does God decide to assure him of His powers? He makes Jim God!!! And what follows is a series of events which ends you up in stitches. Initially Jim is damned happy that he has invincible powers. He uses them to straighten up his life, but that’s about all he cares about. But, God can’t just concentrate on one single human, can he? He starts hearing all kinds of strange voices inside his heads, which, of course are prayers of the entire human race. At one point of time, tired of answering the prayers, he grants everything to everybody. As expected, it results in a havoc. Finally, Jim realizes that it isn’t a simple job to be God after all! He quits the job(??) and leads his life normally again.

Funny, huh?? Yeah, initially it does appear to be really funny and full of laughs. But there is a serious side to it as well. How would it feel to be God? I mean, yeah, it’s kinda out of the box thinking, but again, thoughts are seamless. Imaginations can reach any nook and corner…there are no limitations to them. Being God, being the Almighty…The thought alone is so HUGE and so overpowering. By the way, one thing needs to be got clear. Who is God actually? Is He a person, with a human form? Maybe no, because that would give Him a mortal picture. Humans are mortal, not God. Is God a form of light? Something you can explain, but not see? C’mon, you cannot SEE light, you just see things around you because of Light! So maybe God is Light, the ethereal, pious, WHITE LIGHT. Or, again, is God some kind of energy? I have an inclination to believe that He is some form of energy. But then, light too is some form of energy. So, that does it. God is Light and God is Energy. See, you don’t have to really agree to this conclusion of mine. Because if you do, u wudnt’t have the broadmindedness to see the big picture. My idea needn’t be on the same geographical map as urs, but definitely, both count equally.

I have always had a belief that each one of us is connected to everyone else on this earth. We share some kind of bond, a kind of relationship which holds our hearts and emotions together. Bizarre as it may sound, how else can you explain the sudden smile that flashes across your face, or that unexplained grumpiness which creeps in? I say, these feelings occur because someone somewhere is happy or sad. Not ready to buy this idea? OK fine…explain this! You are very, very sad, and all of a sudden, ur friend comes up. He is quite happy. On seeing him, you feel quite better, a little happy too, maybe? Don’t tell me that it’s because the presence of your friend does wonders to u. It’s got nothing to do with the physical presence of a person. It works at the mind level. Mind has a very strong transmission system. The receptors are designed to capture signals very effectively. And once the good/bad signals are received, then the T&D system of our body works its way and we tend to become happy or sad-without a reason! So u see, how well we humans are interconnected, at the mind level!

Now, when cosmos was formed, there definitely must have been something called cosmic energy flowing. Given the magnanimity of the universe, obviously, this cosmic energy should be very very large in magnitude. So large, that as an individual is born, he is endowed with a little bit of this energy, and there is still enough available for aeons to come! Whew! This cosmic energy is the one that binds us all together. There is a little of this potent energy that comes from the same source. So, no matter how varied we are, at one point, we become one, our minds become united.  To be contd…


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  1. All wat u hav written is gr8. Fascicnatin, captivatin…..I acccpet that being God is nt easy. Well if u had watched the film closely, u wud realize that, the film itself shows the connection bet minds of ppl. Jim Carey was given two simple conditions, the first one being he shud nt reveal to anyone that he is the one. The next is perhaps the most very difficult. Nt mess with freewill. U can never make a person feel love or hatred. The sixth sense bestowed on us is for us to take our own decisions and get us connected. Like only we humans hav this sense, and u kno wat the biggest irony in this is, we created God, like it is the other way around. Nt God creatin us, but er givin a form and a shape and definin his limitations and his powers….. He gives us a sense that no other livin being has and this is wat we do, we do not realize the higher power but rather try to define it. U musta watched in movies that, animals are kinda very much closer to God and they realize them…… Well i rather feel it is true. Coz there are very much unexplained phenomenons that animals understand but we dont. A simple example being earthquakes and tsunamis, how is dat animals are able to kno wat we term to be the wrath and the fury of God….. So the question is do we really hav the sixth sense that we all boast of havin????
    I’m curious very much, like if a tiger was given the sixth sense wud it portray God as a tiger???? It is bcoz man s havin the 6th sense that God has taken a shape as that of us…..
    I agree with u shyamala, everyone is interconnected and it is the mind that is responsible for both our happiness and our dejections…..

    Keep Postin……
    I’ll keep commentin 😉

    God Bless us all….

    Comment by Vijayaraghavan — July 30, 2008 @ 9:20 am

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