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July 17, 2008


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Hahaha…Sounds so much like the Reeta Skeeter book, isn’t it??? Well, the content herewith isn’t sketchy and blown up or full of lies…(in case the title troubles u, just overlook it! It was meant to give it a similarity to HP). This blog is a revisit to some of my experiences at school. Why shud u read it? U don’t have to, is for me to recollect and have a few laughs. If u don’t read on though, bad luck will prevail for u, for the next 3 months. Hey…KIDDING!! I know i have drawn ur attention enough now. So no more building prefaces. Lemme jump into the stuff directly. (Others, go to next para directly; Ma’am, sorry if i am blabbering….but ur wish has always been my command!).

Well…In case u haven’t read my previous post, here’s a gist about my life at school. Huh…on second thoughts, go read my previous post and then come back. I could always do wid a few hits on my blog stats… 😀 .  A school is any student’s haven. It is the place where a child begins its journey of life. My school gave me enough strength to endure anything. My thoughts were given voices, and I was transformed into a productive, useful human being(Dare you question this…). I had always aspired to be in the good books of all the teachers. That was my prime concern at school,for which i had to face some criticism from some of my close pals. Nonetheless, I have had my share of fun at school. Now, who doesn’t? When I look back, I do have some memories which bring back smiles on my face. Being naughty in subtle ways is always healthy, and recommended 😉 .

Our kinda fun was different. It surely included the normal stuff…rechristening some teachers, passing chits, eating in one of the class periods, bunking classes, bunking assemblies, and the likes. But, I remember having been part of some operations which were a bit off the edge and beyond limits to an extent. For instance, in one of my middle classes, we had a teacher who, as per our definitions, was very strict and inhuman. She used to “trouble” us a lot. Result? We, the ‘noble’ gang, took it on us to teach her a lesson. So out we set, with a mission in hand, and unanimous class support. We chose the Annual Function as the day to put our plan to action. We boycotted the function, and cycled to the locality where the teacher lived. We armed ourselves with some stones, and broke her window. Back then, we never knew that the window we broke was her bathroom’s window. The rest is history. For a week, as soon as the teacher entered the classroom, there used to follow a strong smell of deodarant. Any guesses why???? Hahahah…

And then, in our tenth standard, we did something which could have screwed us up totally.and  It’s a kinda ritual that there is an exodus of students in tenth standard. People usually migrate to different places, with hope that they can perform better in other places. No shit, even I was one of the migrants. So, it went without saying that the last few days were filled with emotions, promises to keep in touch, best wishes, and the most inevitable, SLAM BOOKS(Now when I look back, i see how stupid the concept was. Like, what could i possibly do by knowing others’ fave actor, fave dish, etc? Mebbe play the movie of their fave actor and cook their fave dish when they come to meet me after years??? NAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. I don’t buy this idea anymore. But, back then, it was a religious ritual, which any orthodox DiPSite wouldn’t dare to break!). All of us carried a slam book with us to school, which, obviously, was against the rules. It was 21st December precisely, the official last working day for us. Feelings were running high, emotions were at their peak. People were busy resolving their old fights, were trying hard to make up for the past blunders. Amidst all this, one of our fellow classmates, who wasn’t paid much attention to, decided to blow the whistle. He went and complained to our not-so-friendly P T Sir, that 99% of the class had slam books. And apparently, our P T Sir believed too much in the maxim, “Make hay while the sun shines.” He came and started searching our bags. Now, there is a column in most of the slam books, which reads, “The teacher I hate the most”. We had poured our hearts out into that one. That was the most coveted secret of ours, and we had given very grotesque comments in that. (Ahemm….am a good girl, remember?). Then what?Our bloods froze! We could see our not-so-good future ahead. Very very luckily, most of the slam books were there in class X-B. The checking began in class X-C, because we had our P T period then. We went and talked to the most friendly teacher, who sympathised with us and gave us a brilliant idea. She asked us to throw all the slam books from the window, so that it would fall in the P T ground, and one of us could go and fetch it stealthily. Neat, isn’t? (Ma’am, wondering who it is?). So, the day was saved by Mrs. Sreekala Madhavan. Love U ma’am…

Yeah, this one prank has always been one of my faves. Hehehee…! There was this maths teacher of ours, who wasn’t exactly our favourite. We used to love getting back at him. Poor soul! He had this pathetic habit of teaching from guides. Maybe he doubted our intellects, or his own, who knows? Whatever, he never used to go beyond the scope of the guide. We hated that. Once, he wrote down a question on the board, some proof in trigonometry. He was called outside by his colleague. We saw a wonderful chance to play a prank. We had one of our friends to interchange the theta and gamma in the question. Our teacher came back, and asked if any of us were able to solve the sum. We drew blank faces(which was mostly to keep ourselves from laughing). He rebuked us, and started solving the sum. At the fag end, he got confused. There was a look of terror in his face. He alternately looked into the guide and the board. Trust me, it was BLISS!!! 40 mins of TOTAL FUN! The bell rang, and he’d given up all hoped of solving the sum. Then, as a heroic gesture, the guy who had changed the signs, put them in place again. Man, it was a LAUGHTER RIOT! Result was much in our favour-the teacher never stepped into our class again. Well, once, well before this incident, we had torn pages from his much coveted guide, much to his chagrin. The results were quite similar, just that he hadn’t stopped comimg to the classes.

This is one thing that I personally don’t take any pleasure in recounting. Hell, it doesn’t even register as a prank! But yeah, it was an act nonetheless funny. In my eighth standard, we were a lovely bunch of students, the best any teacher could ask for. AM NOT BRAGGING, just spillin out the truth. The gals and guys were well matched in intellect, and there used to be usual battle of wits. Our English ma’am(no points for guessing who—the very same, Sreekala Ma’am), used to keep us at our feet with group discussions and quizzes. We used to be divided into odds and evens as per the roll numbers. Invariably, odds consisted of the creamy layer guys and evens were the creamy layer gals. Once the dice was rolled, it was a deadly war between us. Sparks used to fly everywhere. It used to take a lot of effort from ma’am’s side to settle us down again. During one of such sessions, my dear friend Sumit and I got into a heated argument over a lesson. (“A Lamb to slaughter”, just for the records) We were at our peaks, each trying to mock the other. What started off as an intellectual debate, ended up as a filthy street fight. Egos were running high. Ma’am had to literally pull us apart. She said, “If both of you are given boxing gloves, you’d kill each other in the rink!”. But, she made a final statement that she preferred Sumit’s viewpoint to mine. Gosh! What a blow it was on me! In front of my eyes, I could see my ego being kicked and lain to dust. I couldn’t take it, and so did my fellow debaters. We decided to boycott ma’am’s ensuing classes. We did so. It took us 15 days and hell a lot of cold stares and hinted comments from ma’am to get ourselves back to normal. And did i leave Sumit alone? Never! I took my toll at him, and said something which cost me 1 year of non-communication wid him. Sorry Sumit, never meant to hurt u! It just happened; happy to have you back…

Hahaha…this one could be called GROSS!!! We’ve got a lot of scolding for this one. Well, my friend Beethi once suffered from a bad bout of throat infection. So much so, that there used to be blood streaks in her phlegm. She confided this to me. The “would-be doctors” in us could give only one indication-cancer…! Man, we even went to the extent of crying our hearts out, and promising that we’d be friends again in the next ‘janam’. Beethi didn’t turn up to school for a week. Apparently, she wanted to spend her “last few days” with her family. Back then, we used to have a Bio teacher, who was very friendly wid the two of us. She was concerned about Beethi’s continuous absence, and when it crossed the threshold of one week, she could no longer stand it. She summoned me and asked what the problem was. With a lump in my throat, i told her about Beethi. At first, she was alarmed. Then suspicion crept in, and asked me, how we were so sure. I told her about the blood streaks in her phlegm. Now when I look back, I am damned sure that it would’ve taken her all her might to refrain from slapping me hard. She asked me to tell Beethi to come to school next day and see her. You can as well guess what the result was, for it isn’t pleasant enough for me to recall that part! 😉



  1. hmm so quite a few incidents they were!
    naughty gal, what other tricks were u people up to?
    but ur batch really gave us teachers wonderful treat to our intellectual inclination!
    your batch till date is the most crème de la crème i have taught though u seemed grotesque in ur demeanor!
    love u all!

    Comment by sreekala! — July 18, 2008 @ 5:46 am

  2. Shyamala
    having readout yours views about your student life.i m glad that u still kept our love and blessing in your heart .on behalf of we teachers love u alot .
    god bless u.


    Comment by dkverma — November 11, 2008 @ 11:51 am

  3. D K VERMA
    5077,GRASIM VIHAR,
    PIN 493196

    Comment by dkverma — November 11, 2008 @ 11:56 am


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    Comment by dkverma — November 12, 2008 @ 9:07 am

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