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July 8, 2008

An Ode To My Alma Mater

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frontal view

frontal view

When I look down the memory lane, I can vividly see that my most cherished memories are those of my first school, Delhi Public School, Korba. Of all the educational institutes that I’ve been associated with, this is the ONLY institute that I wish to be recognized with. Yeah, am proud to be a DiPSite!

I joined the school at the age of 4. So, throughout the formative phase of my life, I have been a part of this school. I remember how excited I used to be about getting ready for school. My first teacher was Kusum Badola ma’am, who literally held my hands and taught me my first cursive. I was lucky to be in the safe hands of some of the best teachers, all through my life at DPS, Korba. There was a blend of different cultural and lingual inhabitants at Korba. So, that spiced up my life all the more. Like, I had a Bengali friend, a Marathi Friend, a classmate from some place as remote as Assam…. “Variety IS the spice of life!”. DPS gave me a platform to excel in many things. We were given loads and loads of opportunities. The teachers held our hands, and walked with us, during our early years. Then gradually, when we became steady enough, they slowly left our hands to teach us how to walk alone. But, they were always there, with the encouraging smile on their face. They rushed to us when we were about to fall. They never scolded us when we fell down. Instead, they helped us on our feet again, and motivated us to walk further. Hats off to you, dear teachers!! I am, because You are!!

I happened to make some of my best friends for life here at DPS. We were the notorious gang at school…good at studies, fun loving and rule breakers! Man! Some days those were….! You know, there are these times when I become so desparate because, the harder I try to reach out to the

entrance to the insti

entrance to the insti

memories of those days, the more they seem to slip away from me. A wave of nostalgia sweeps through me when i chance across the pictures taken back then. A sudden desire, a longing to go back, sit in those classes, listen to my teachers takes over me. I know it is next to impossible, but then, my wishes are mine and so is my imagination. I have found refuge in moulding my imagination to a great extent.”Had this been the case, this is how I would have been….”, and there starts a dream sequence, where i am the director and i am the actor. Lovely experience it is! Ahhh……forgive my getaways! This wasn’t the planned course of my blog, but I cudn’t overcome the urge of mentioning it. Hehehehe!

Well, DPS gave me some very valuable lessons in life. I learnt to revere my teachers and elders here. That, according to me, is one lesson which is best if inculcated at an early age. Though, at initial stages, this learning was in a crude form,(u know, standing up and saying in a monotone…”Gooodaaa moooorrrnniiinnng maaaaa”aaammmmm”! Back then, it was a ritualistic early morning song that we thought we had to sing on seeing the chalkbearers. Gross!!), later, it became a part and parcel of our lives. Then, we were taught to SEEK for opportunities. True, for some days, we had to be spoonfed, but later, it was thrust upon us that we were all warriors who had to fight for ourselves, and all by ourselves. This was one lesson that really helped me in my life ahead. You know, you must be strong enough to take responsibility of all your actions and their consequences.  When you look back, you must not have any regrets. This takes a lot of courage, but is a very very important thing in life.

Next, we learnt to be independent at school. The curriculum was so designed that we had to LEARN things in their totality, not just mug up and vomit. Being independent saves you from many hassles. The only person u are answerable to is yourself. That sure helps, doesn’t it??? And yeah, one thing that am very thankful for, to my school is, that it helped me develop my love for the English Language. I seriously feel that the incapability to speak English is nothing less than a handicap. The importance of conversing in English was injected in us. Stress was not laid upon using flamboyant and bombastic words, but the emphasis was more on the correct usage of grammar. Now I am in a position wherein I understand the nuances of the language and am grateful to my school for that!

a wonderful view of my school!!!

a wonderful view of my school!!!

Oh! what fun we used to have at school! I used to be the monitor, a rare but least sought after opportunity given to the most (un)fortunate students. The ONLY advantage of being the monitor was that you had in ur possession, the class pass…Now that was THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER OBJECT IN THE CLASS! It was the exit pass from the class. Only the proud possessors of the class pass were allowed the luxury of roaming on the corridors during change of periods. And, would I compromise on that luxury!!??? NEVER! Hahaha…the wicked I, and my equally wicked friends used to perpetually be on the corridors, much to the disgust of Patel Sir(sorry sir, but we are not sorry!). Our destinations used to be the junior wing staff room or the john. Ahemmm….to cut a long story short, we derived immense pleasure in bunking some OBNOXIOUS classes!!! Hey, dont u judge me by that!

Coming to talk about friends, guess I could go on forever and ever. Beethi, Swati, Surabhi, Sumit are some people whom i’d never forget throughout my life. We stood together through thick and thin. Their inclusion in my life made it all the more colourful and worthy. We broke almost all the rules laid down at school, but escaped altogether. I really cherish the memories of the times that we’d spent together. And I would fail if I do not mention two other people who made my life worth living. They’re two teachers of mine, who really were my beacon. Had it not been for them, I wouldn’t have been what I am today. Sreekala Ma’am, my English teacher, literally transformed me into the person I am today. I know she’s way too modest to accept this, but I know how much she means to me. I look upon her as my second mother. I love her for her unending trust in me and my abilities. I am very happy that I rediscovered her, and we talk almost everyday. Thank You ma’am, for everything you’ve given me! And, Renu Ma’am, my Hindi teacher, who kept reminding me at all points of time that I had it in me!! Though with a bith of distant approach, she saw to it that I did bring out the best in me. I had always aspired to be in her best books, and this aspiration drove me to give my best in all my endeavours. So, I owe a lot to her. Thank you Ma’am, your constant support and drive truly helped me a lot!

the assembly ground

the assembly ground

So, these are some of my memories about my school. I was browsing through the album of one of my friends who happened to visit the school recently. I must say, i felt so jealous of him…!!! So, when i stumbled upon those pics, on an impulse i sat down to write this post. As my previous posts, this one wouldn’t follow any particular order. Just that i have typed at a stretch for 45 mins, and in a random order, mentioned whatever came into my mind. I do hope i have succeeded in stirring some old memories of yours. Believe me, nothing like reliving those old days in the backdrop of ur memories. After all,   Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  And, I strongly believe that….”The leaves of memory seemed to make a mournful rustling in the dark.”…God bless!!!!



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  2. seems that you have become full fledged in blogging.After reading the above article the memories of my school days are haunting me.

    Comment by vivek — July 11, 2008 @ 6:48 pm

  3. kewl! I just relived some wonderful moments 🙂

    Comment by Manissha — January 19, 2012 @ 7:52 pm

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