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July 4, 2008

I find Bliss in…

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Well, I was thinking what makes me the happiest. Many random thoughts passed through my mind, and it took me a while to bead them into a string of logic. I am not to be put to blame if You don’t find any logic in the lines that follow. For me, they happen to be the most blissful things. Sometimes, happiness lies in life’s small things. These things are so painfully small, that searching for them with the glasses of logic and reasoning makes them impossible to be found. When you least expect to, you actually stumble upon them. That, lemme tell u, is an exhilarating experience. Happiness is a feeling, bliss is a state of mind. Once you get to experience that bliss, the memory of it alone is enough to keep you going for days together.

I find bliss:

1) In the fresh aroma of wet earth after the first showers of rain.

2) In standing under the cold shower, after a particularly sweaty day.

3) In listening to ENIGMA, sitting in a dark, closed, cool room. (Ahhh…the bliss of solitude!).

4) In listening to the voice of a friend over phone, whom I’ve been missing a lot.

5) In the aroma of good food cooking when I’m damned hungry.

6) In the feeling of cold water down my parched throat.


7) When a baby grasps my finger inside its tiny hand.

8) In the touch of a small baby’s hand.

9) When I see a man playing with a small baby.

10) When I hear the wind-chimes, chiming their beautiful music in the gentle breeze.

11) In the blast of the cold air of the Air-Conditioner on my face on a very sultry day.

12) In the innocence of a child.

13) In the taste of the chocolate given to me by my friend.

14) In making up with my friend, after a terrible fight.

15) In the company of my loved ones.

16) In racing my Scooty, and feeling the wind through my hair.


So, this is my greener side, ripped for you to see. I have always felt that every person on this earth in connected to every other person. Everyone’s happiness and everybody’s sorrows are interlinked. If I’m smiling now, without an apparent reason, maybe, someone, somewhere is happy. And if I am feeling grumpy or kinky for no particular reason, again, someone is suffering somewhere. The cosmic energy is distributed amongst us human beings. “Let there be light”. These words are said to have created the universe. Somewhere, the light is fading away. We have become so cynical. A simple, innocent smile from a passer-by causes a stir in our minds. “Why is he smiling at me? Anything awkward about my dress? Is my hair all unset?” Have we become so entangled in the webs of our own complacency and cynicism, that we are unable to think straight? Now, what can a simple smile imply???

Let’s bring the light back into our lives. Let’s appreciate the efforts of fellow human beings in making world a better place to live in. “we are the world, we are the ones to make a better future. So, let’s start living!”. Amen!



  1. …..yes,happiness lies in life’s small things.

    i too enjoyed what you have said except 11(no chance to face AC) & 16(Hops! no scooty…mine suzuki).so,In racing my Suzuki, and feeling the wind through my hair.

    Love each and every things in the earth! you will be happiest person in the world!

    cheer up!!

    Comment by balajihands — July 5, 2008 @ 2:12 pm

  2. Shyamala, kinda grippin. I think u ought to become a writer. U could make a good one u kno.
    It is true that the happiness in life and the bliss of mind lies in really very small things. But many fail to see it….. Lemme say this for u, y is there happiness in only small things???
    Bcoz they are the ones that can b perfect without any problems……. and if there are problems it is not bcoz of the things but in ourselves understandin how it works…
    Doin gr8 things nvr matter, but doin small things gr8 in the real idea behind success……
    U hav taken such small steps in ur life in gettin to the place where u r and what a wonderful women u hav become…..
    Mistakes and failures hit most of us hard and leaves none, but it is those mistakes that makes us perfect and that if it were not for those, we would never hav needed GOD and there would not been such a blog from u and the final AMEN!!!!
    Everyone is connected in this world the energy of the cosmos flows us thru all of us uniting our thoughts and when we get to focus on that and we get to kno that better, we find ppl in the same wavelength as us, not excatly in the same frequency, but still in the same wavelength…… and thus are born frnds and the wonderful bond called frndship……
    I’m happy that u r one such who understands me and my thoughts……
    Hope though this bodies of ours perish under the irrationality of agein, our souls carry the thoughts of ours to the nxt birth unitin as frnds again…..

    Comment by Vijayaraghavan — July 8, 2008 @ 7:33 am

  3. ur mind is every thing… human desire for material, power and every thing tat makes us human is root of all suffering.. as u said when every one starts finding happiness in wat they have… they wont suffer…

    Comment by Jayakumar — July 8, 2008 @ 11:30 am

  4. ur mind is every thing… human desire for material, power and every thing tat makes us human is root of all suffering.. when every one starts finding happiness in wat they have… they wont suffer…

    Comment by Jayakumar — July 8, 2008 @ 11:30 am

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