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May 24, 2008

Blogging is cool!

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Like i just told u(if not, go and read my previous post), i am a full time engineer now. Shyamala B.E. The much awaited hols have arrived. I have been looking forward to these days, since 20th August, 2004. Guess how am so sure about the date? That’s so, cuz that’s when i joined college. Lolllzzz..

I was telling you, about the way i have been spending my holidays. I have been doing the same thing for the past 2 weeks – nothing. Who said doing nothing is not a job? Trust me, it takes all your might to do nothing. I would actually say, doing nothing taxes ur mind and body more than doing something. Forget that, let’s come back to the topic. I was counting on Erich Segal to help me while my time, but Acts of Faith sucks! So does the T.V. So does orkutting, mailing, chatting, everything. Now i know what they meant when they said, “Forbidden fruits are sweetest.” Back at college, when Orkutting was banned, a few mins of it proved to be a bliss. But now…..Alas!

Hey 21 years old! Why the reminder? Cuz i know i sound like a 60 year old, who has lost interest i life, and is heading towards renunciation. Bless Thy soul, am all of 21, youthful, energetic, vibrant. Just that, AM BORED TO DEATH!!! Hehehehe….

And then, the silver lining to the dark cloud seems visible. All the miseries go poof! I have found refuge, a way to vent out my boredom, and yeah, induce it to u…BLOGS. My savior, my chivalrous savior…Oh! How i love Thee. Welcome to the world of blogs…my world of blogs. These blogs are pieces of my heart, screaming out all that i have wanted to, but cudn’t. They’ll be my mouth piece from now on, for some time. No, am not dumb, don’t have a tooth ache, neither am i tongue lashed. Am yet to muster up enough courage to speak my heart out. Till then, my words and my words are my weapons. Here goes world, here goes…


Hear Hear…

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Welcome me, to the world of blogging, and welcome u, to my blog page!

I m Shyamala, a fresh graduate..yes!! Another name added to the never ending list of engineers in the country. Am 21 years old, rather, 21 years young. Hot blood, fresh thoughts, oozing desires! People, am all set to change the world!

Change the world??? Is she mad, or just overtly ambitious??? Questions pop up, don’t they!? Am none, don’t worry! From this point on, you have two options…1) Stay on and read if u wanna know about me 2) just read on. You’ve gotta say am enticing, ain’t i?

With due regards, I spent 4 years in hell, with fellow warriors(I call them warriors, cuz life in Mepco was no less than a battlefield!). Outcome is that, i have learnt quite a few things, which’d be out for public in my ensuing posts.


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